Snehaanchal is the first and only palliative cancer care center in Central India. For the past sixteen years we have been running Snehaanchal, which is a registered public charitable trust. It has established a 17-bedded Hospice & Palliative Care Centre at Nagpur for the terminally ill Cancer patients in technical co-operation with the Rashtrasant Tukdoji Cancer Hospital, Nagpur. The Center has been rendering yeoman service to patients of all religions. The services provided to the patients, including medicines and food are totally free.

Nature of care given at Snehaanchal Hospice & Palliative Care Center

The primary goal is to relieve the patients of pain and all distressing symptoms and to keep them free of physical pain until their last breath. Once this is achieved, we help the patient and their family members to come to terms with the disease and its negative prognosis.The next job is to explore all psychosocial concerns causing anxiety to the patient and his near ones and try to address them as far as possible. These could relate to concerns regarding children, spouse or parents.The next step is to unravel the entire life-story of the patient with a view to determine emotional fractures, hurt and pain lying deeply imbedded in his heart. Once such wounds are exposed the caregivers try to heal them using methods of rapprochement, counseling and prayer. Our job is to ensure that the patient is free from all his psychosocial worries and also the emotional millstones of guilt, rejection, indignity, separation & lack of love, so that…he is ready to depart without any burden on his heart. The aim is to ensure that they are at peace with themselves, their families and their God.Our job involves creation of such a mental environment wherein death is not feared but looked forward to with hope and excitement of an explorer, journeying from one known place to an unknown another. Our object is to make the final transition as serene, peaceful and holy as possible.A team approach is used, wherein the entire team consisting of doctors, nurses, counselors and volunteers collectively offer ‘Total Care’ to the patients and their families, until and even after bereavement. The team offers a complete Sneh-Ka-Aanchal to the distressed patient and his family.